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COVID-19 Policies
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Our clients and staff are the heart and soul of our veterinary hospital. In order to keep ourselves and our clients safe and healthy we would like to share a few new temporary guidelines due to COVID-19 to keep in mind when visiting our hospital.

We are opening our doors to you!

We still value your safety and will be putting some minor restrictions in place for the continued COVID pandemic. If you are sick or feeling sick, recently awaiting COVID test results, or have been in contact with a known postive person, we ask that you remain home. If you are high risk or feel at all uncomfortable entering our business, please feel free to call when you get here and we will offer curbside service for you.

We will be putting all clients and patients directly into exam rooms and getting a brief history. The examination will be held back in our treatment area in order to keep an appropriate distance from one another. After the examination of your pet, the doctor will come into the room to discuss the exam findings. Please be respectful of our staff as they are doing the best under these circumstances. We ask for your kindness and patience during this time.

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Puppies get their first vaccinations at 6-8 weeks. Make sure to get health records for your new puppy so you know what vaccinations they have already received and have a written record of those vaccines.

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If you've ever lost a pet you know how horrible it feels. Be proactive by getting your pet microchipped. Microchipping your pet will greatly increase the odds that your pet will be safely returned to you and is the responsible thing to do.

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What is heartworm, you ask? Heartworm is a parasite that is spread to both dogs and cats by infected mosquitoes. Affected animals develop worms that live in their heart and can cause heart disease and death if untreated.

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